· Mattias Bonte

People I worked with recently. Feel free to ask me for their phone number.

# Edward Bossuyt

My mentor when I first started at Bothive, worked closely together on the same codebase for 2 years.

❓ Has a perspective on my coachability and on how I perform as a developer on a day to day basis.

# Laurens Lavaert

Expert consultant who was hired by Bothive to help transition the company onto a more successful path.

❓ Has a perspective on how I handle big company reforms and on my coachability in such periods.

# Brecht Valcke

CEO Bothive/Chathive.

❓ Has a perspective on how I communicate and work with other (non-dev) teammembers.

# Niels Onderbeke

Newest dev on the block in Bothive.

❓ Has a perspective on how I coach/onboard new developers.

# Steve Trap

My mentor at Guideline.

❓ Has an understanding of my eagerness to learn and drive to push the team forward.